New Year Resolutions

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Alexa W 1 Comments

Hey everyone,

This is a little rundown of how I will for sure at least try to better myself this year. Honestly, its all about bettering yourself by going for your dreams and trying to achieve your goals in a realistic manner.

You can't change overnight so try each day one thing that will further your future achievements

Yes this photo was taken at Disney :)

1. Eat Better

When Im happy Im motivated, its as simple as that. This year will be fabulous I know it. If I stay on a positive note I know I can eat better and make time to cook home cooked meals.

2. Improve my channel

This is self explanatory but I want to make it more professional, and add special effects. Of course I don't want it to be a big shenanigan as the focus should be reliability, I want to "keep it real" but in HD.

3. Be More Social

Im definitely better than in the past, but now I want to be more spontaneous by saying yes to events and creating my own. Don't wait for things to happen, create your own opportunity.


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