Tuesday, December 02, 2014 Alexa W 4 Comments

Hey girls,

Here is a quick review of a long time favourite of mine.

The L'oreal Restorative Dry Oil works wonders. As you can see from the comparison photos it softens and adds moisture to dry coarse hair.

This would be great for platinum hair or overly processed hair.

It lasts a long time as well as it is such a concentrated product it is worth the 6 or 7 pounds


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  1. Your hair looks healthy n' hydrated!

  2. never tried the product but seems good and from the pictures you can actually see that it makes your hair shinier or healthier. :)
    good post :)

  3. L'oreal is one of the best!
    I have this product too,it does a great job :D

  4. Your hair looks so shiny! Will have to keep this product in mind!
    This Side of Paradise


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