Triangl Haul

Hey girlies,

Here is the neoprene beauty I am now a proud owner of, thanks to Triangl! This is a brand you've undoubtedly come across either on tumblr or instagram as so many girls have been wearing their pieces.

I picked out this gorgeous cobalt blue bikini with black ties. It is a little strange feeling like a diver in this material but their pieces are so flattering and luxurious. They retail for about 40 pounds and are an Australian brand so have their prices in dollars.

They also do underwear if that's something of interest to you, and they have some gorgeous geometric pieces.

Do you have/want to buy a pair this summer?



  1. The Triangl bikinis look so great, I keep seeing them being mentioned.

    Great post :o)

    Emma ||

  2. Oh my gosh, this color!! Amazing!

    Style Sunrise ☀


  3. My friend's favorite color is cobalt blue! I looked at their bathing suits before and I loved the black leather looking one! Congrats on getting one hehe. :)


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