Beauty & Makeup Haul!

Hey girls,

Today I'm getting back to the roots of my blog with a good old fashioned haul. This one is mainly from Boots as I use my card there incessantly and am slowly racking up points to go on a shopping spree. Knowing me, this is a totally random haul, you've been warned:

This looks like a good toothpaste as I am always on the lookout for a more natural whitening product without ruining my teeth. Of course, the free Nails Inc polish didn't hurt either! I've tried it out and it's a watery consistency but great for sheer, natural looks.

This is actually from Tk Maxx. Japonesque is an amazing brand and I have yet to try it out. This was on offer for £9.99. If any of you guys have tried these out, let me know. They do look super soft!

As they had offers on these products, and I was running low on skincare basics I wanted to try these out. I actually have used Simple a lot in the past so this wasn't much of a new product. The Botanics are often hit or miss but this seems to work well with my skin, and is good for morning time cleansing.

I was in the market for a new face mask and hopefully this one will live up to my expectations! Sanctuary is a pretty good brand and beauty gurus seem to love it, plus if they have a spa they have to know what they're doing, right?

Do I even need to write anything?

Soap & Glory is fast becoming on my favourites. In the past year I have rediscovered and fallen in love with their skin products. This acts as a cleansing face wash except it doesn't foam. They do say rinse off, but you could use cotton pads for this. I'll keep you posted.

Which of these have you tried?



  1. The brushes look really amazing. This Colgate is perfect. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  2. Ohh definitely do a review on the detox max, I'd love to know what it's like! And you should try out the Soap and Glory hot cloth cleanser, I found that my face feels so much cleaner when using that instead of the Peaches and Clean but I too love all soap and glory skin care :-)

    1. I will, it's coming up soon! And thanks for the feedback :)

  3. I love that toothpaste, great reviews! thanks!!


  4. Great haul! I really need a new face mask too, might give that a try!
    Ellie |

    1. it works really well, I would recommend it :)

  5. I love S&G products and this one looks amazing! I also really rate that Rimmel powder :) perfect for setting foundation! xx

  6. Great haul. I love the light pink nail polish. I usually never paint my nails pink but that shade is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. I can say (in words of my dentist) that whitening toothpaste by Colgate is too aggressive, better use some professional lines! Though they have a really good Pro-relief paste

  8. The Japonesque brushes look amazing!! I've wanted one of those big fan brushes for a while and £9.99 for 3 is such a good deal x


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