OOTD: Shopping Day

Hey girls,

Here are the photos of a recent outfit I wore to go to Westfield shopping centre. Excuse the brightness, somehow my hair came out orange looking?! Anyway, I went for a casual look as we also went to the cinema but I love the little pop of colour from the bag.

Top: H&M - this tshirt has sheer panels by the chest which adds a sporty yet chic touch to the outfit, and it pretty much goes with any outfit. Plus my friend complimented me. Bonus!

 Jumper - Vintage, I received this from my grandma so it could be from anywhere but it's a little slouchy despite being four sizes too big for me! It's a lovely dark blue shade and great for throwing over tanks.
Bag - Primark, this isn't quite so neon but it is a bright coral-pink shade and the gold detailing adds a little glamour to the outfit. I usually wear one shade in an outfit so this breaks up the darkness.

Jeans - New Look, from their tall range. These are what you could call bell bottoms, and flare out. They are definitely flattering and add something different to an outfit. I feel like I looked very 70s!

Shoes - again from New Look, these plain leather ballet flats go with anything and will always be my go-tos.

What do you think?



  1. Love your cardigan and top!!


  2. nice outfit, and that's a really pretty bag.


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