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Hey everyone,

Today I have another initial review of a product I was kindly sent. This one is totally new and thus exciting for me to try out as it's based on your blood type. This is from Manomai, and they have an in-depth page all about your type and how it affects not only your skin but your health in general.

I would recommend checking them out, they are based in Thailand but the shipping was very fast and look how nicely it arrived:

These products are all natural essentially, and don't test on animals which is a huge plus point for me. 

This can be used day and night, and is a serum consistency as stated on the bottle. The packaging itself is lovely and looks like a quality product rather than those plastic drugstore containers. I've been using this for a bit as you're reading this and hopefully it continues to work! I may even feature this in a future favourites video.



  1. Hi Alexa. I found your blog through IFB. Thanks for your friendship. I'm not very expert from IFB. I don't know Manomai. But reading your review I feel good. Kisses, Eni


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