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Thursday, June 05, 2014 Alexa W 11 Comments

Hey girls,

I went to Boots recently and of course I picked up some new beauty bits. With my card it's easy to rack up points and I have some coupons to use so that should explain the somewhat random selection!

First on my list was a good shampoo/any hair product that could produce miracles. This is from Organix which has fast become one of my faves. This smells like coconut-y summery goodness. Just me?

Next is a Real Techniques brush, which is slowly being added to my collection. These are truly good quality brushes with affordable prices. A lot of beauty gurus swear by them and now I can say the same! This is perfect for outer corners and smoking out your look which I even featured in a tutorial.

Again, this is an amazing brush - it's a kabuki and I actually used it for foundation. Im not sure if that's correct but it gave me a flawless effect so Im sticking with it!

These two products are repurchases, as I've found for the price they do the job and have the most amazing scent. I couldn't find a better alternative so I'll keep you guys posted on my thoughts about these 'protecting' type of products from Lee Stafford.

Let me know your thoughts on these!


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  1. I already wanted the pink real techniques brush and now I definitely need to buy it, sounds lovely.

    Georgia x

    1. Aw yeah I would recommend it!

  2. I love the real techniques brushes, such good quality but you don't feel guilty buying them because they aren't a stupid price! I'm definitely interested in getting the Lee Stafford heat protection now too, I've been looking round for a heat protectant for a while now so I'm glad I saw this!

    1. Totally agree and thanks :)

  3. I love RT brushes - I'm a huge fan of the powder brush! I also love Lee Stafford hair products, I use the hair growth ones as I'm trying to grow out my hair! Lovely blog :) xx

  4. Thankss for the review! I have been wondering if that Organix Shampoo really works!

    Lakshmi in Trance

  5. I recently went to London for the first time ever, and I loved Boots! I want to go back haha. I also love Real Techniques, they are amazing and super affordable!
    Nida from Nida Does Beauty

  6. I tried the Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Mask OHEMGEE, haha I loved the crap out of this til the very last drop! It was great, especially the price point, just in case you wanted to try it, give it a go! I also made a comparison review between that and the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask.

    Xo Daisy from

  7. I love the Organix range at Boots. The root boost and coconu oil mist are my faves. The root boost is good for the days after the hair wash - mine always goes kinda flat!


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