Products I've Used Up - Body + Skincare!

Hey girls,

As I am preparing to travel back to the UK soon (yay!) I have prescheduled some posts here and this first one is a new one for me. Normally I'd film this on my channel but that wasn't gonna happen now, so here it is in written form. The first section is body products and then face products.

  •  B&BW Vanilla hand soap - smelt great, had a nice texture with melting grains and I love such foamy products. Would repurchase
  • Suave Cocoa Butter & Shea shower gel - again had a similar scent, I picked this up on reduction but it felt very smooth and soft on my skin and had a lingering scent. Would repurchase
  • B&BW Aruba Coconut Body Lotion - Felt very light, perfect for summer and was easily rubbed into the skin. Not the best for dry skin though. Would repurchase
  • B&BW Dancing Waters body lotion - the same as above as they are essentially the same but smells of fresh linen. Would repurchase
  • Mitchum 48hr deodorant - I heard Zoe Sugg recommend this but it's not the best for hot weather or running around with errands. I felt it left marks on my armpits but it does smell good. Wouldn't repurchase 

  • L'oreal Micellar Water cleanser - this has been raved about lots. If you have dry, sensitive skin give this a go. It is a more accessible version of Bioderma and does the trick, Miss Glamorazzi swears by it and so do I! Would repurchase
  • Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing lotion - says its for sensitive skin which I guess it true but only go for this if you have blemishes, it has a clean feel on the skin but doesn't remove makeup. Wouldn't repurchase
  • Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning astringent - this is for much more extreme cases, aka not for dry or sensitive skin as it dries your skin out. However if you are a teenager and going through the bad skin phase give this a go on clean skin at night and in the morning you have a more even, squeaky clean face. Wouldn't repurchase (too harsh on my skin)
  • Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Wash in pink grapefruit - this smells divine and I love their range, it's great for simple everyday skincare. It foams which is great and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. Would repurchase

What do you think of these products? Do you enjoy this series in vlog or blog form?



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