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Hey guys,

So I bet you all knew by now (except for my new followers!) that I spent the beginning of the year in Florida. I've put together the final pictures I took there which is bitter sweet for me at this point. Looking through and reminiscing is always pleasant but makes me miss the place. I met some awesome people there whom I'm sure to see in the future again, and the atmosphere itself was great almost like a summer holiday.

These are pictures of my apartment which I was lucky to share with some flatmates and many other students throughout this seven floor complex. I spent some time relaxing by the pool and topping up my tan, sipping on starbucks which was heavenly. 

The airport I was at was pretty rubbish, so apart from three shops I spent my time sitting and people (and plane) watching.

These I'm sure you can tell were taken back in London town, I didn't have much reverse culture shock but it was a little weird to be back home so suddenly after being on the other side of the world. Jet lag was actually a killer, so try sleeping when it's night time in the correct timezone otherwise you'll feel like death!

I'll be doing a video series soon regarding 'college life' travelling and such so make sure to be subscribed if you're interested!



  1. I bet it was strange coming back to English weather, although how much worse would it have been to come back in the middle of winter?!


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