Chanel Les Beiges Demo + Review

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 Alexa W 1 Comments

Hey girls,

I have a very girly post today, normally I don't do demos/reviews with samples. However when I found a new Chanel sample in Glamour magazine I couldn't resist.

This is from the new Chanel Les Beiges collection (click HERE for a friend's review) which features Gisele in ads and she looks so glowing and natural. I am impressed with the foundation, read on to find out why.

Before above, and below is after. My skin is a little uneven and blemished but I'm trying to use lighter products for the summertime. I applied it straight onto my skin after my moisturiser sunk in.

 Here is after. I have a tan from my travels, so the dark shade was appropriate this time. They probably do have a good selection in store, and it immediately blended into my skin smoothly. It covered my face nicely to give it a subtle coverage and topped with concealer it was a great base.

 Here is after my full makeup application.

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PS This product also had an amazing smell, as you would expect from Chanel.

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1 comment:

  1. It looks totally great cover-up on your face! Just like this is my birthday month and I'm looking new thin-layer foundation so I think this product might fulfil my long time desire!

    Thank you


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