Ariana Grande Hair + Makeup!

Hey girls,

This is a pretty exciting post for me, as it marks the beginning of my celebrity tutorials! If you want to see others, click through to my channel (linked in above tabs) where I have just done Blake Lively's look at Cannes Film Festival.

I attempted the classic hairstyle of 1940s-esque voluminous ponytail. She often curls her hair but for this look I left it au natural and didn't actually need any products. The accompanying tutorial for the makeup will be up this sunday!

I found this hairstyle is flattering on pretty much anyone and adds a cute touch to your look. The makeup is also simple so the hair really makes a statement and would go nicely for a daytime OOTD.

These are all stills from my video, I can't wait to upload and hear your feedback. 

Let me know your thoughts below!



  1. Really cute hairstyle, I love it! Think I'll give this a shot myself :) Great post!

    Frankie x


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