Spring Beauty TAG!

Hey girlies,

Sadly today I have no aesthetically pleasing photos to share with you (my favourite part about scouring blogs!) but it's more of a text blog. I'm answering some questions all about beauty for the springtime, so hopefully you gain some inspiration for future purchases. And of course, if you too are a blogger do give this a go and leave your post below!

                                1. Do you change your makeup when spring arrives? If so, how?

It's more of a winter-summer thing for me. But if I do it's usually during the daytime when I use more pastel shades like baby pink blush and shimmery highlighter as the sun gives you just enough 'glow' to not pass for a vampire.

2. What's your favourite spring perfume?

I go through phases and each of my perfumes (seen here in my Collection video) are so distinct, the most spring-like scent which ironically I didn't even bring abroad with me is Miss Dior Cherie L'eau which is an eau de toilette  so it's perfect for daytime. 

3. What's going to be your favourite accessory this spring?

To be honest, I can't quite think of one item I've recently bought that's a staple piece this season, but probably my Steve Madden flats that I wrote about way back when (like two weeks ago). They are patent black and so comfy and of course go with everything!

4. Do you prefer pumps or sandals?

This sounds very american to me, but I'm assuming pumps are flats? Anyway, I prefer pumps as they are easier to style with outfits and can be worn in any season.

5. What's your favourite spring jacket?

Coming soon! Keep an eye out, I bought a gorgeous dusky pink jacket from Tobi which kind of screams Katherine Pierce...

6. What's your favourite flower?

I really love how to flowers begin to bloom this season, not only does it smell amazing, like a permanently lit candle but it looks gorgeous and gives me an excuse to take ootd's outdoor. My favourite flower is probably an orchid or red roses which we have in our front garden. They are such a beautiful deep red.

Let me know yours in the comments!



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