Revlon NOTD + Review

Hey girls,

Today I have a review and some snaps of my recent manicure. Obviously I did them myself but I like the pretend the ritual and steps I go through are the same as in a salon. Anyway, the name is Sheer Pink but it is very buildable and somewhat streaky if you don't so that's the method I use.

It comes out as a lovely opaque pastel pink which is perfect for this season and I have a light tan now so even better! I've used this about 4 times now since I bought it a few months ago in CVS. I've used a third of the bottle though so you can see how much is needed for full coverage. It cost $7.99 I believe which is a reasonable price and you get a lot in the bottle but it takes a while to dry. If you are looking for a quicker application maybe try Essie which are slightly more expensive.

What do you think? Will you try this polish?



  1. such a lovely shade!

  2. this polish is such a great colour, what a great buy! x


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