Forever 21 Haul!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014 Alexa W 12 Comments

Hey girls,

Today I have a fashion haul for you, which I haven't done in a long time! Here in the US I have honestly been buying more food and makeup (ahem, nail polish) than anything else so you've seen those random hauls and reviews pop up from time to time. I return home in a month so any last items I have on my wishlist I'm ordering now. I picked up some jewellery as I'm low on rings. As well as some basic tshirts.

These midi rings came as a pack as seen below. They retail for $3.80 and they were on offer on the website. 

I picked out some cute tshirts that are all very light and summery. The colours come out a bit brighter than they really are, as they are all pastels except for the dark blue tank top. I love pairing simple tops with colourful accessories, as I don't go all out on my outfit and usually stick to dark shades.

Have you guys made a recent haul?


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  1. I love the rings and the pastel T-shirts

  2. Love it! ive been into rings lately myself. I love Bijou Brigitte

    1. Yes, they have amazing stuff!

  3. Nice rings.

  4. The rings look beautiful !x

  5. Obsessed with midi rings! Love the ones you picked out Alexa! :) x

  6. I love the set of rings :-) gorgeous shop x

  7. I have been meaning to go to a Forever 21 for what seems like for forever now, thanks for reminding me! And thanks for liking my photo on Instagram :) I just followed you on bloglovin, feel free to come over to mine and have a look around too, it's a bit bare at the mo though!

    Elisha x


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