Busch Gardens Adventure! Part 2

Saturday, April 05, 2014 Alexa W 7 Comments

Hey ladies,

If you've been following my blog for a while you will be having deja vu right about now. Yep, here is a second trip to Busch Gardens! It was even better weather (meaning I got a tan along with some burning) Let's just say if I wore blue I would resemble the American flag. Anyway, here are some pics from the day. I tried to take them in different places with differing poses, you know to make it exciting...

 Can I just say, if you haven't tried Dippin Dots they are heavenly. It is like the Calypso dispenser that you can get in the UK but kind of better. Perfect on a hot day.

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever been?


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  1. Great post and beautiful photos :) Come check a new post on my blog:
    Fashion latte with vanilla

  2. ahh lovely photos! Sounds and looks so fun! x

    1. Thanks Paige, it was awesome :)

  3. This looks awesome! I think I'll be going to busch gardens this summer when I go to boca raton...I'm excited now!

  4. Great post and beautiful pictures
    Hannah xo


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