Achieving Perfect Skin & Health?!

Hey ladies,

Today I'm writing up a slightly off topic post but then again that's what my lifestyle tab is for! In the past few years I've really hooked myself onto drinking green tea at least three times a week. It's easiest when I'm at home so I won't lie and say I'm some kind of health nut as I do really enjoy frappucinos and smoothies!

Anyway, the flavour can be a bit bitter but shops usually stock flavours and yummy fruit infused packs which I would recommend if you don't usually drink this. As you can see below (plus a sneak peek of my perfume collection which I have a video on!) this is what one of my three, yes three, daily cups looks like. I drink this instead of coffee or water as I prefer a nice flavour and hot drinks usually. 

Tea in general is good for you and there are so many it can be overwhelming to choose but if you want a detox or something to substitute your cravings give this a go. I for one have noticed better skin and overall feeling of being healthy. I will still have a weekly or monthly pizza but drinking this kind of makes up for it?! Plus green tea boosts your metabolism amongst many other things. I would recommend researching a little to see what it can do for you but for me the 3 cups make me feel a lot less guilty and more happy whilst not watching my diet!

Let me know your thoughts!



  1. I love tea! I just started getting back into drinking it after I had a cup of the most delicious white tea last week.

    1. good to hear, hope it helps :)

  2. I try and have 3 cups green tea daily, but I have to have the green tea with lemon as I cant stand the flavour of pure green tea!

    1. Yes I've heard that too :)


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