Yankee Candle Haul!

Hey girls,

This is a short and sweet roundup of the recent purchases I've made in Yankee Candle. I actually ordered these online although they are very common in US malls. As I'm here short term I wanted to try out a bunch that I can reorder in the UK. Here are my three picks:

(L TO R): Sun and Sand - a light, fresh beachy scent with a bit of woody, floral undertones.
Cozy Sweater - a musky, masculine scent. Imagine your dream guy left a sweater at your apartment, this is pretty much how it would smell!
Coastal Waters - as you can tell, I get sucked in by the creative names, but this does not fail you. It's a lovely fresh scent with crisp base notes and almost like the smell of fresh air in a park.

Have you tried these?



  1. So jealous. I love yankee candle but they don't sell where I live so I have to order them online and the shipping costs sometimes are way too much xxx


  2. I love yankee candles. Just started following on bloglovin. Hope you do the same.
    xx, Michelle

  3. I love Yankee Candle!

  4. These candles are amazing!
    Great selection. I am currently using "beach walk" :)


  5. No I haven't tried any of these yet! ;/ I will keep in mind your siggestions when I do though :D
    Mary xox


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