Spring Shoes!

Hey everyone,

Today I'm writing a post all about springtime shoes, and my favourite picks. I'm the kind of girl who buys two new pairs of shoes on sale once a year and (aside from UGGS in the winter) I rotate these shoes pretty much throughout all seasons.

But this year I really want to focus on building my accessories collection, and smaller pieces of an ensemble which will fit with any outfit so you don't have to worry whether something matches or not!

Here are some pairs you may be interested in:

Here in Florida it is pretty good weather, so I'm currently wearing sandals and flip flops throughout the day. The floral print of the Ted Baker shoes above would go perfectly with this weather! And not to mention, how cute is the subtle gold detailing?

All these shoes can be found on the Jones Bootmaker website if you're interested. These ones are actually on sale/offer at the moment so take a look as they have other pairs which are equally cute.

Just on a side note, Jones Bootmaker don't ship abroad at the moment, but on the plus side they have a US store which stocks pretty much the same pairs!

Which is your favorite?



  1. I work at jones love their new spring/ summer shoes

    1. Awesome! They have a great selection :)

  2. I'm after a new pair of pumps too, the Ted Baker ones look gorgeous, I love the floral!

    x greta



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