Disney World Recap!

Saturday, March 22, 2014 Alexa W 5 Comments

Hey everyone,

Today is a really exciting post as one of my 'dreams' came true recently! I have been to Disneyland Paris many times which I am grateful for however the original American parks have always appealed to me more. As I am in Florida now for an exchange program I thought it was about time I take advantage of the nearby parks. 

These are from Magic Kingdom which is the park we went to, and hopefully I'll have more pictures soon from the other parks!

Excuse the bare face in the pictures, we were in the park for 12 hours! They don't close until midnight so we took advantage of the spacious park in the night when the kids had all gone. One thing I would recommend is to get a fastpass if you feel you'll be rushed for time or have small children as the lines for the classic rides are veryyyyy long!

Have you guys been before?


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  1. OMG it looks like a fairytale!! I wish I was there or went any time soon!! I am so jealous of you right now :)
    Maria xox

    1. Aw aha, thanks Maria, it was really fun!

  2. I have been many times. I live right outside Orlando and my dad worked at Disney when I was a kid so my family was able to get in for free.

  3. I went to Disney last year and it was so much fun. I love the fastpass it saved me so much time. Looks like you had a ball too! Have fun in Orlando!

  4. Alexa you are so tall and gorgeous! Also I'm so jealous, hope you had a great time!


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