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What I've Been Up To: Florida Travels

Saturday, February 08, 2014 Alexa W 12 Comments

Hey girls,

Today is a kind of summary, catch up post. I haven't really spoken about my travels but as you will have gathered from past posts, I am a university student and I'm currently on a semester exchange in the US!
Here are a few instagram, and phone pics to summarise my experiences so far.

 The weather as you can guess has been fab, I'm coming right before hurricane season and it may be a little windy and rainy but for the most part my umbrella has been gathering dust in the closet.

 The Starbucks as you can imagine is a lot better and has a wider range than in the UK, so living two minutes away from one has been a god send. On hotter days I like to pick up a tall vanilla iced coffee with cream, which  is only $2!

I recently went to a Thai temple with a flatmate, and she introduced me to some amazing food and slice of culture (did you think that would say cake?) in the center of Florida.

                        This soup was so good, my mouth is watering just now thinking about it.

Of course no trip to a mall would be complete without some fro-yo indulgence. I stopped by a random chain which they have a lot of here, to pick up an afternoon snack. This is cake batter with raspberries, nerds and yoghurt flakes. Delish!

Have you guys travelled? Or travelled whilst studying?


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  1. It looks like fun! It must be great to be in the US for a semester as you get to discover a lot of places while studying!

    I'm from France and I went to Wales for an internship for about 2 months! I visited a lot of places when I was there and met different people. It was great!


    1. That sounds so cool Georgina :)

  2. What a wonderful experience. The photos are wonderful, thank you for sharing. I have just chanced across your blog and really like its layout and content so have followed and look forward to reading more. I would be really chuffed if you had a moment to pop across to mine at and would welcome any feedback you had x

  3. I'm from Florida. What city did you go to?

    1. You're so lucky aha it's really nice here!

  4. Hello Sweetie! I recently tagged you in My "7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty Tag" Blog post :) I hope you will take a look and join in on the tag :D
    Ava xox

    1. Will do that soon! thanks Ava :)

  5. ah, florida looks so lovely right now. i'm in desperate need for some warm sunshine. ps i'm a froyo lover myself, that looks delicious! yum!

    1. Aw aha it is really good!

  6. I want that dessert!!! Great pics♥

    Lakshmi in Trance

  7. Wow! What a lovely find! The food looks delicious & the temple is gorgeous ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.


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