Sephora Beauty Haul

Hey girls,

Today is a makeup haul, a long overdue one might I add. Being in the US Sephora has been a pit-stop for me during mall trips and I was so excited as we don't have these in the UK and it's like a fancy drugstore! They have everything you could ever want relating to beauty!

 Isn't the packaging the cutest?!

I bought just three things but these three, let me tell you definitely add up! The Clinique mascara was cheap as chips though, just $10 for the mini tube which considering it's for bottom lashes is a steal!

The other two cult favorites I bought were the Benefit Boi-ing concealer which ironically I also tried during my first New York trip, from Sephora! It's a really good full coverage colour, and one of 3 shades will definitely suit you. The Anastasia brow pencil is a must-have for sparse brows or if you need a little shaping. It was $21 and lasts for about 3-4 months with daily use. The nib is so fine it reaches the hair root, to make your brows look natural. Take a look back at my FOTD posts



  1. nice…


  2. Your picked up some nice things! I love the Clinique bottom lash mascara :)

  3. I want to get that Anastasia's eyebrow pencil!!! Very nice choices!

    Lakshmi in Trance


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