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Saturday, February 22, 2014 Alexa W 9 Comments

Hey ladies,

Here is a mini B&BW haul for you, I needed some new essentials, but instead of getting the boring supermarket type, I popped into this store. It is American so I'm afraid you can't get these in the UK.
It's not so much a drugstore but a specialty store for candles, and body products. They recently came out with haircare and even makeup, so I wanted to try it out.

Island Breeze Hand Soap - this stuff smells so good, the names really do suck you in. You can get a variety of soap which is great as they cater to all needs. Next I got the Sheak Cashmere Hair Dry Shampoo - it works well but has a weird texture, and I haven't yet figured out if I love it. Plus it was $16!

What do you girls like from here?


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  1. Just the name of that soap makes me think it would smell great. I love their stuff!

  2. I love Bath and Body Works! I wish we had one in Ireland! I can't believe they have haircare products now. That's so cool x

    1. yeah I was surprised as well!

  3. I love their hand soaps very much because their scents are wonderful!


  4. Great haul would love to try this brand if they were selling in the UK

  5. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? B&BW have dry shampoos??? I had no idea!
    I love their hand wash range... they smell so good!
    We are lucky to have them in the UAE too! Yay!
    Big kiss Alexa!


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