Maybelline Baby Lips!

Hey girls,

Today I'm reviewing/doing a haul of Baby Lips which I know is a tried and loved product since 2013. I only just got my hands on it, as I had about 235354 lipbalms to get through, I've slowly made my way through them. 
This is pretty special which I didn't realise till I tried it out but it has spf 15 and is like a lipgloss. 

What I Think

This balm is so affordable, about $3-4 and the same amount in pounds. It is really worth it, considering it is from the drugstore and not high end. It leaves a smooth gloss over your lips unlike typical balms this feels like a makeup item when really its spf/ protection. They come in various shades, purposes and even have skin products now which I've heard people raving about.

Do you girls like this?



  1. I agree with your review and points I do love baby lips.

  2. I love the baby lips hydrate me-its so moisturising x

    1. Ooh yeah, mine is the Quenched :)

  3. I love how soft my lips become when I aply baby lips!

  4. Love these baby lips soooo much!!

    You have a very nice blog. Love it! If you would like to see mine and follow me on bloglovin I always follow back ;)


  5. I need to try this xx

  6. I love these! They are very moisturizing & the texture is nice!
    I personally have the Cherry me one!



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