L'oreal EverSleek Range Review + Photos

Hey girls,

Today is another review, as I'm currently away on an extended vacation I guess you could call it, I've been trying out a ton of products. I'm in the US if anyone is interested, but haven't stuck to American brands as there's a huge list of things I want to try. One on the list, is a L'oreal collection such as this one. They have a great range for all different types of hair issues, and I've heard amazing things. Now lets see it put to the test.

                             L'oreal EverSleek Range - Shampoo & Conditioner ; $4.99 each

The results were something like this: the morning after I washed my hair it felt nice and soft. I noticed after a few uses my hair was visibly smoother and manageable. Used in conjunction with each other it worked great, the accompanying spray I'm sure also works well.

Is it worth it?

I think so. You can potentially stop reading after that sentence, but let me tell you why.
It's like the drugstore version of Kerastase, which in some cases is overpriced. For roughly $10 and the same in pounds the range is pretty good; after blow drying my hair it came out with volume yet more sleek and less dry than if I used other products. The shampoo is a little watery and doesn't foam that well but the conditioner really soothed my frazzled ends.
They claim it prevents frizz for 48 hours (time frame in which I wash my hair) which isn't entirely true, it does up until you step into humid weather and rain. Nonetheless, if you're looking for smoother, healthier hair this is the range for you.



  1. Awesome tutorial nice product will want to look into. keep in touch doll.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. thank you for the video and the review!


  3. I was very impressed with the Ever Riche range so I might branch out and try Ever Sleek too after this :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Ever riche sounds great too

  4. Nice! I use the Loreal EverPure shampoo/conditioner. It has rosemary mint scent and the mint adds a cooling effect as you're rinsing out, I love it!


  5. Sounds great! I have frazzled ends too so I'll give it a try =)

    1. Hope it works well for you!

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  7. Your hair is soo beautiful <3

    Ines Loves
    Have a lovely day! <3
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