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Saturday, December 07, 2013 Alexa W 7 Comments

Hey guys,

Today is a more personal post, although I've been updating you along the way this term I wanted to do a little recap, kind of as something for me to look back on in the future. Some of you are the same age as me, maybe a little younger so I thought doing a post on a relevant subject would be quite apt today. I am in my second year of uni which in a way is coming to an end today. I leave to go home tomorrow and felt like looking back at the fun times I've had this term!

Mid November my flatmates and I have a weekend in London, they stayed at my house, and we played tourists for the next couple days. I've already done a few random posts like I said earlier so not all pictures will be included obviously. 

 We spent a few hours in Harrods just looking around at the amazing Christmas installments and of course to get lunch as we were starving by that point. We eventually found a cute little cafe called Montreux Jazz Cafe where I had a delicious Montreux Salad made up on quinoa, lime dressing and other goodies which was surprisingly large and filling.
 This was taken right after I picked them up from St Pancras station. Shoutout to Illyana, the girl in the middle for taking a ton of photos which I have conveniently stolen, I have quite a lot too but these are from her instagram so it's easier to use.
 We went to Covent Garden after to look for a spanish restaurant (La Tasca, was delicious) and had a look around the shops. The Christmas decorations were amazing and the vibe was so festive throughout the square, I've done a seperate post on this if you're interested.

Of course arriving home so late we were all a little delirious, and so mayhem ensued. I set up an air mattress for them as my room was the only unoccupied room at the time. This photo pretty much sums up our weekend.

I will probably post more throughout the end of the year, so keep an eye out for that. If you've got this far, congratulations, here's a little nugget of advice for you; share a flat and try to meet new people if you can. Going outside of your comfort zone will pay off in the long-term and I can't wait to start a new chapter next year during my 'world' travels.
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  1. So nice to spend quality time with friends awesome pictures.

    1. Thanks Jackie, I agree :)

  2. Brings back memories from my Uni days

  3. Love these photos, wish I was still at Uni so badly! :( sucks being old! haha Beth xo


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