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Hey girlies,

Today is a picture heavy post. Normally I post 3 times a week, but with Christmas around the corner things have been so hectic. I have another Lush post, purely because I found the most amazing Christmas ballistic there! I already mentioned this but last night I used the full ballistic, and it was so worth the £4.

 It is the Golden Wonder and it's essentially a bath bomb, as you'll see in a second!

  It started fizzing as it changed from gold and white and slowly dissolved.

 The name is very fitting, as it constantly changed to something new, with more colours and effects. It sounds like it's some kind of personal fireworks show but honestly it's one the best bath bombs I've tried. 

It looks as though there would simply be gold glitter all over your bath but it fizzed really quickly, leaving behind those colours and tons of bubbles. I would go pick this one up pronto as it's a winter exclusive!

Do you guys like Lush baths?


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  1. Great tutorial will want to use it. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  2. Lovely pictures! I've used Lush products before and while they smell amazing, they are for sure a no go for those of us who have allergies. I used one of their bath bombs before and ended up having to hit the ER with hives and swelling. Apparently they use a large amount of essential oils which is why they smell so great and are toxic if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. You live and you learn xo.


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