Early Christmas Presents Haul!

Hey guys,

Recently I just returned from university where I lived for a term, so on my last night at dinner with my flatmates they presented me with a lovely present. It was quite random but definitely the kind of thing I expected from them!

How cute is this gift bag?

First thing is a Debenhams voucher worth £30. I can't wait to try out some makeup with this.

The second gift is a little 'Beanie Ballz' which is basically a Beanie Baby. This cutie is called Rascal which reminds me of my dog, such a cute memory to keep for the future.

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  1. Oh how lovely of them! Debenhams is a great place to shop. The Beanie Ballz is so cute too, I've never heard of them before.


    1. Cant wait! And they are so soft and cute

  2. Love the bag!


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