Christmas Cupcakes & Cookies!

Hey guys,

Merry Christmas Eve! Today I have (a ton of) photos of these delicious Christmas desserts. My family although at Christmas there's about five of us, somehow eat enough to feed a small army and I wanted to contribute something and my specialty is cupcakes.
The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, I obviously bought these spiced biscuits, but the cupcakes I used a simple recipe from the BBC website. I bought some writing icing which is harder to use than it looks to decorate. I find they just add a nice touch.

The machine makes it all so much easier, the mixing was the hardest part, after that it's just a matter of being neat.

Let me know if you guys try these recipes!



  1. The small cakes looks delicious.
    Merry Christmas my new friend may it bring happiness and laughter to you and yours.

  2. tho i'm not celebrating christmas, this post just gave me an urge to go to cupcake shop and get a bite!! they look soooooo yummy!!



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