Christmas Beauty Haul! - 2013

Hey girls,

With the craziness and bustle of the holidays over, I have the aftermath to show you. This reading back sounds kind of ominous, but I promise it's of the fun kind! I'm showing you the beauty bits I received (from my list, as well!) on Christmas Eve. I know my mum bought this as she's the one who pretty much buys all gifts.

 First thing is this Nars Multiple in Copacabana which is such a cool name, and the appearance of a product somehow always sucks me in. If you would like to see this swatched head over to my video below for swatches!

I also received this fab Bronzing Primer from Bourjois. I just noticed it says addictive fragrance which is very true. I prefer this product to the other chocolate bronzer, as this has a more fresh scent. It's very similar to Chanel bronzing primer, and I can't wait to use this on my holiday!

What did you ladies receive this year?



  1. You got some amazing gifts! The Bourjois Primer looks lovely! :) x

    1. It is, and thank you :)

  2. I just found you after you followed my blog! So excited to follow along!

    1. Aw, thank you Kelsey :)

  3. That bronzer looks great! I'll have to try it out :) envious of your NARS Multiple, been lusting after one for ages in that exact shade! X

  4. I absolutely love NARS! It's awesome that you're such a fan. What mascara are you using as well? Great style, and thanks for liking the Winter Skater Skirt post on the Choisr Blog!


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