Sweater Weather: An Autumnal OOTD

Hey guys,

This afternoon I bring you a 'sweater weather' inspired post. I'm currently at university so being comfortable (and warm, damn you Northern weather!) is a priority. Bring on the wool, jeans and coats!

 Primark wool jumper - £6  -   New Look Skinny Jeans - Tall Range  - Marc B Quilted Shoulder Bag - £25 

 I've previously posted about these, they're my new Bata babies - not great for winter but so pretty!

This H&M wrap bracelet completed the look, it's a chain bracelet but can be worn very casually as it has that 'rope' effect, the beads and diamante make it a little snazzier.

What are your autumn fashion go-to's?



  1. Very cute sweater! Looks cozy and warm. :)

    1. Thanks Heidi! It is :)

  2. Loving the jumper. I always get really infuriated as I see so many people that get lovely items from Primark, and then when I go there myself there is nothing in there - unless I'm being blind lol. xx


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