Skincare Haul: Manuka Doctor

Hey guys,
I forgot to post on Saturday as life has just been so hectic recently, but I have a good post to make up for it! I'm writing about the Manuka Doctor Skincare products. I have yet to fully try them out, so for now no in depth review. If you would like to read a proper review do let me know in the comments!

 Bee Venom is reportedly really good for your skin, and yes I did find it a bit strange at first but it's one of those amazing ingredients nature gives us that happens to work wonders! This is basically for all skin types and will make your skin look better, essentially the same as the serum from Estee Lauder which 'perfects' your skin.
 This is a similar product, in that it also contains bee venom but also has Manuka honey and repairs rather than protects, so if you have imperfections and blemishes on your face this could be one to give a go.

One is a cream, the other a serum so maybe doing some research will advise you what would best suit your skin type. Oilier skins might want to use the serum predominantly on theT-zone.



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