Sensitive Skin? The Best Cleanser & Toner

Hey guys (or rather girls, you know what I mean..)

Galateis Douceur & Tonique Douceur were a cheeky purchase I made during the summer in Duty Free and they've only now come to an end, so I thought I'd do a review/haul post.

Along with Lancome's La Maison Lancome Palette which is stunning, I picked up this skincare duo

They are in fact this huge and not just photographed from an angle! For £40 for the two I think it was a fabulous deal considering Lancome is a high end brand and you essentially pay for the luxury. They are both 400ml which yes, I did bring with me abroad! They fit nicely in the overhead compartment and once I used them up a bit they became lighter to carry.

I did not use both simultaneously everyday but I can vouch for their softening and soothing effects. It's aimed at sensitive skin, and has a lovely light and fresh scent which will always remind of summer if I choose to repurchase this some time. They don't do much but if you're in the sun a lot or have sensitive skin this was an amazing deal. I believe they would be £5-10 more expensive without duty free, and I also received the very useful pouch within the price.

Would I repurchase?

I would, they lasted about four-five months of twice-daily use and if you use them only in the morning to sooth tired skin, it would last even longer so is worthwhile. Like I said above, they soothe your skin leaving it soft and feeling quite nourished rather than stripping it and leaving a harsh dryness like cheaper toners might. If this is in your price range, give it a go and let me know your thoughts!



  1. Such a good deal! Might try out the toner! And I'm so lazy, I don't really have a morning routine so I'd only apply it once a day and it would last me ages haha :)



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