Revenge Wears Prada; The Book Review

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If you're knew here, welcome! Today's post falls under the lifestyle category, but nonetheless overlaps with fashion. Yep, you've guessed it - this is the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. I ordered this off amazon and just finished reading it last night. The final chapters were particularly enthralling so I stayed up till midnight reading.

 I believe I paid £5.99 or so to pre-order this.  It was officially released June 4th.

First off, if you are as curious as I was about the real identities of the characters, Anna Wintour attended the film premiere in 2006 wearing Prada, so make of that what you will.

As somewhat of a chick-lit classic I don't think any sequel would live up to the entertaining and brutally honest portrayal of the fashion industry in the original novel. Another thing I found confusing is the connection between the title etc and the actual content; it focuses predominantly on Andrea and her new life rather than 'revenge' exacted by Miranda. I was hoping for some mega showdown between the pair, perhaps giving more indication of who it is based on. 
To me, some chapters were just fillers to pass time for Andrea rather than construct much plot line. Perhaps I am too young for the demographic, but it focuses on Andrea in her 30s, something I could not relate to. And sadly, there was little Prada involved. Apart from run-ins with Miranda from time to time the novel focuses on Andrea's love life (without giving too much away) and the effect that had on her life, thus disappointing. 
In all honesty, don't pick this book up thinking it's a direct sequel as it actually jumps 10 years to an entirely different situation and setting. The most redeeming feature to me was Emily's character who crops up a lot with a refined fashion sense, witty comebacks and a take-no-prisoners attitude Andy could have learnt from.

Should I read it?

Yes, if you enjoy a light read with interesting content that fills your time on holiday or during time off, in which you can live vicariously through the characters. However, there is not as much commentary on the fashion industry, so much as the devilish nature of Miranda Priestley. Lauren Weisberger does write good novels, for young adults and anyone interested in the fashion industry, so I would recommend her novels overall.

If you've read these, let me know what you thought. That is all.*


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  1. cant wait to read it:)

    1. Glad to hear it! You'll enjoy it

  2. Nice :) Good for you. I actually haven't read the series but I have watched the movie and enjoyed it so maybe i will read the books :)

    new follower via gfc

    1. Thank you Shane :)

      Yep, the movie was more entertaining but both books are enjoyable

  3. I've actually been looking for a new book to read that was in the fashion category and I think you just helped me find one. Good article and very informative!


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