Neon Polka Dots: Nails of the Day

Hey guys,

This is my most recent 'nails of the day' in which I attempted some polka dots. I've done these before a few times, often times I post pictures on instagram, provided the result was good! It's pretty simple yet impressive and makes a change to block opaque colors.

 Products Used: Nail File, Nail Scissors, Tweezers

Polishes Used: Rimmel 5-in-1 Base Coat, Barry M Indigo, Revlon One Perfect Coral, Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat 

If you are wondering what on earth tweezers were for, I used them to go around the edges by my cuticles to lightly remove any polish excess. When my nails were still wet I found it easiest to grip tweezers and lightly scrape off any that dripped around the edges. You can also use a dotting tool but I find the brush did the trick, by using just a little on the brush tip.

What is your favorite nail art trend?



  1. Very cute tutorial. Love it!

  2. Love this ! :)


  3. Lovely blog!

  4. Thank you Karolina :)

  5. This is really cute and easy to do. I must try with the colors I have..


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