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Moroccan Argan Oil: The Miracle Hair Saver!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Alexa W 7 Comments

Hi guys,

I'm sure I'll be mentioning this lots on my Youtube , but I wanted to write up a more in depth review. I've been using this for about two weeks now, and it's a classic hair oil with what I'm assuming is a very high percentage of pure argan oil.

 Organix Moroccan Argan Oil - Penetrating Oil - £6.99

This is how the oil comes out, it's a light, clear colour but the bottle makes it somehow look orange! It's very light, so don't be afraid of the word 'oil' it won't make your hair greasy!

I brush my hair after washing and tip out a 1p coin size amount onto my palm. I rub it into my hands and run through the lengths making sure it really soaks into my hair follicles, then the remainder I run down the crown of my head, ensuring any frizz is controlled.

My hair feels instantly smoothed and like I've just used a deep conditioning mask. My friend Hayfa actually uses pure argan oil, but she always tells me how great it is. The next morning once my hair has obviously dried it looks so much better, as if I've been brushing it all night! If you do have damaged hair, this is not a fix-it product, but it will gradually make your hair look and feel better. For intense repair I would really recommend the Organix shampoo/conditioner from this range or Moroccan Oil products.

What do you think of argan oil?


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  1. Spreading the argan love! Oh & it's also excellent for your skin! Try it with some yoghurt & honey! :)


    1. Sounds amazing! Will have to try that... if I dont eat the other two ignredients

  2. I need to try this :) xx

    1. Would love to hear your thoughts after!

  3. Hey pretty!
    I can not agree more, Morrocan argan oil is golden miracle! Actually, I have to buy new, as my bottle is empty.. Where did you get this one please? thanks ;)

    1. I bought this one in Boots. If you're not from the UK you can search the brand online.



  4. I've been using this brand as well since I bleached my hair. It's working perfectly.


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