The Dream Bath ; LUSH, Bubbles Galore

Hey guys,

Last night I ran a fabulous bath which was the perfect mix of stingingly-hot water and soft soothing bubbles. I love the sensation of getting into a bath, I'm sure I'm not alone. I posted a pic recently on my instagram if you'd like to take a look. It's safe to say my cheapest, easiest stress buster and simultaneous indulgence is a bath.

 I used 'Space Girl' from LUSH which has a popping candy coating and is multi colored.
 Once released it began to dissolve and left a gorgeous shimmering trail of glitter
 It tainted the water a lovely violet color, and did not leave any nasty residue when drained.

I am such a sucker for bath products, they are a lovely indulgence for a cold winter's evening or a relaxing summer night. This was about £2.50 but I received it as part of a gift.

What's your favorite bath product?



  1. I've been missing the Lush bath bombs for AGES now! really need to stock up, they make the water look and smell soooo pretty!

    Rosie xo


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