Maybelline Dream Touch Blush | Worth the Hype?

Hey guys,

First off, apologies for lack of effort on my behalf, it was a Sunday afternoon and I simply wanted to showcase the blushes! I used No2 and No7 in the Maybelline  'Dream Touch Blush' range.

  Left to Right: No7 and No2

 No2: It's a light and creamy peach color. It rubbed in very smoothly and left a natural 'contour' effect.

 No7: A darker berry-like color. As I am pale I needed to work it in more, and it was not as creamy in my opinion. It's a lovely blush color if you want a more dramatic effect.

No7 and No2 in their packaging. I like the glass packaging and the presentation of the product, however it is quite heavy and not convenient for travel. For summertime it is a perfect find and they have about 7-8 different shades, depending on the size of the shop you purchase it in.

Maybelline do amazing makeup items and this is in the £5-6 range which equates to $8-9 It is cheaper in the States as it's an American brand, however it is worth investing in as the lightweight product blends easily over foundation and a little goes a long way. There is a slight shimmer once you've applied it, it leaves a dewy finish on your skin, however if you have acne-prone/oily skin I would recommend setting it with a powder as the shimmer won't do you any favors!

Do you like these? Let me know in the comments.



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