Leopards, Summer Days & Boyfriend Jeans

Hey guys,

Since summer is coming to a sad end. Particularly in the UK where fall/winter begins early September... my family and I wanted to make the most of the British Summer and have a fun day out in the countryside which is seriously underrated. We always seem to find the loveliest little towns and make a day of it. This time we traveled at the weekend to Marlow, a quaint town outside of London.

 This little munchkin traveled with us, bringing some bowls of water so we had no issues!
 Bershka 'Leopardess' Tshirt, CĂ©line Tote and Primark Boyfriend Jeans
 The most amazing view, like being in the French Riviera. The river was filled with boats, islands with beautiful detached cottages and even some palm trees!

 Primark Peach Suede Sandals with ankle straps, and polka dot pedicure
 Classy Tilted Angle...
 We stopped for lunch midday at a classic outdoor pub. It's a small town so there wasn't huge choice
 I ate a grilled halloumi, red pepper salad and my parents ordered THREE dishes to share between us
 After we stopped at a Swedish ice cream shop which looked too good to resist. I chose a scoop of Panna Cotta. (to match my nails!)
We were pretty tired on the way home as it was reaching 26 degrees. I always bring my newly updated ipod to pass the time and this little munchkin always leans against me for cuddles.

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