Fake off: L'oreal Tan vs St Tropez

Hey guys,

Today I'm posting in regards to the age old debate; is fake tan really worth it? I'll start off by saying this is the only method I use instead of sitting out in the sun. I've never tried spray tans or tanning beds (and don't intend on starting..) I'm reviewing what I believe is a new L'oreal Tanning Mist, and comparing it with the St Tropez lotion.

 L'oreal Sublime Bronze Dry Mist - Light - £10.50 rather than £15, on offer at Boots

It has a rather innovative 'spray tan' like nozzle, ensuring you get even coverage

 My legs after two applications, on two consecutive days. I originally had pale legs with no color.

Again, my arms gained a gorgeous bronzey glow after two applications.

St Tropez Everyday Body Moisturiser - Light to Medium - £4.99, on offer at TK Maxx

My arms after one application, the next morning. I use fake tan in the evening, incorporating it into my routine. The cream gave me a light glow.  

After two applications, on consecutive days, I achieved a golden glow very much like the L'oreal mist.

So, which is better?

The L'oreal mist is pricier, but the bottle size is decent. The St Tropez is a more high-end brand, the latest campaign being fronted by Kate Moss. I personally preferred the L'oreal Mist as the application process is easier and cleaner. Although the guidelines are to hold the bottle from a distance spraying as evenly as possible. 
Both were a little patchy, but I'm no expert at application and I didn't exfoliate religiously! It's easier to erase mistakes with a scrub and cover any patches with extra application.

Which fake tan do you recommend?



  1. I haven't used a tanning lotion/spray before because it's kinda sunny from where I live. Great thoughts on both products, though!


    1. Thank you Alex. I would recommend both!


  2. I love St Tropez as I've been using it for years but might have to try this L'Oreal one now! Xxx

    Carly's Beauty World

    1. Both are pretty good, especially for what you pay~!


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