Charles Worthington Salon Shine Mousse | Worth the Hype?

 Hey guys,

Today's post is all about the new Charles Worthington (UK drugstore brand) mousse. I haven't used mousse in years, as I have to admit, I rarely change my style between poker straight and wavy curls.

Recently I picked up a sample size of this from Boots and posted below the effect on my hair:

It definitely added volume as it promised which is always good, however if like me your hair is not yet in tip-top shape I would use a nourishing oil to go with it. You apply this before blow-drying or just leaving it to dry like me. I applied it to the roots and ran a little through the mid-lengths.

I felt a more lightweight texture to my hair, and it did in fact add bounce; making it easier to style. I usually have unmanageable hair right after washing it and this was no different. You will need to carefully brush out your hair and possibly add a oil or serum to smooth the hair follicles.

Overall, I would say it's a decent mousse and if you have flat or dull hair give this a go before blow drying. For a price of £2.99 for a small bottle, I'm guessing the larger size is about £4.99.

If you know of any other great mousses do let me know!



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