Autumn Fashion Favourites

I'm detailing some of my favourite pieces for this season, as I'm bringing out the knits and jumpers.

Most of these are high street, and although I've had them for a while, the trends are constantly recycled and reimagined so these are all pieces you can currently find!

Warehouse White Cowl Neck Jumper - I love the sleeveless design, it's easier to wear during the daytime and maybe even a little bit sexy. You can add a lace bralet underneath to really jazz up the look, and the length means you can pair it with comfy leggings. I bought this on ASOS so check out their reductions or new season stock to see what knitwear they have.

Whistles Striped 3/4 Length Top - This was from Debenhams and luckily I found it in the summer sales rack! Whistles is definitely a high quality brand, and this is such a classic piece. I paid around £18 for this so it was a real bargain. It is a little short on me, so I like to tuck it into trousers or wear high waisted jeans. It is however very figure hugging, and I think it's flattering for different body shapes, the 3/4 sleeves also make it a bit more casual.

ASOS Choker Neckline Shirt - This one is also a jumper although the fit makes it look moe professional and elegant. I love the tiny cutout at the neckline as it shows a bit of skin, without showing a lot... you can wear this for any occasion and the material isn't too thick so you won't end up boiling during the day. It is a little constricting, but it could be because I bought a small, but at the waist it is very forgiving.

What are you fave autumn pieces?


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

This is such an exciting purchase, I put this post at the top of my list! I finally got my hands on the new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. Although, by this point they're probably going to release a Christmas palette made from 24c gold...

The general price is £41 so it is definitely an investment palette, unless you're lucky enough to have someone buy it for you. (Roll on the sugar daddies) The shades are gorgeous, and the packaging is equally impressive. If you are very into aesthetically pleasing makeup, this is almost as good as Too Faced.

It is a very simple and elegant palette, as the whole brand is very much so, and is something I'll want to repurchase in the future for sure. This is cheaper than Kat Von D but at the same time, they aren't comparable so whichever high end palette you're eyeing up, is entirely up to you!

This one is great for autumn and winter too, and if you want to try something bold and maybe do a makeup tutorial, this is guaranteed to be popular. Im already thinking of all the combinations I could do for Christmas inspired looks!

Here are all the shades, they feel very smooth during application and aren't flaky which is such a relief. They swatch well, so Im hoping this means they have longevity.

My favourite shades, the pink is very unique and the others are very warm, copper based shades. There is as expected, a mix of shimmer and matte which can work for anyone and mixed together, they should blend perfectly.

Overall, the detail put into this palette is amazing, and I can't wait to test it out more. Watch out for my November favourites...


Top 3 Autumn Candles

This is quite a simple post, but I wanted to show you guys what I've been loving this season. I usually stick to the typical Yankee Candles but I do have quite a variety now so it's not the usual "roasting by the fireplace" crap you get...

The main scents I'm loving are all very warm, as the rest of mine are citrusy and light. 

Blissful Autumn, Mandarin Cranberry, Iris & Tuberose

These are all available online and I often use discount codes as shipping can be a nightmare. The Bahoma candle I picked up in Tk Maxx, so they're very easy to find in the UK. This one is floral, but with a hint of light musk so it smells like a spa rather than a garden. It's almost a very Middle Eastern scent, which I personally love as it has deeper notes.

The Yankee Candles are lighter but still have that caramel, warm and crisp undertone to them. If you love the gimmicky seasonal candles, I recommend checking out this year's collection!


BriAA Skincare Review

I feel so fortunate to receive so many products to test out, but these did actually take me a while to try! I haven't even tried half of them, at least not enough to give an overall view, so today is a roundup of the brand and my first impressions.

The brand is BriAA who I hadn't heard of before today, although their products are certainly impressive. The packaging was beautiful, which can't be said for all brands who sometimes throw their products into bubble wrap and thats it. As bloggers, I think we all appreciate a bit of aesthetic.

This mask smells so lovely, it is definitely something anyone could use and possibly love. I can't report back on the results yet, but my skin looks and feels so smooth and moisturised so thats got to be a good thing, right?

These little sachets are samples of their masks, which I can't wait to compare as they may become one of my favourites. Im running low on a soothing, replenishing mask so these will hopefully do the trick.
The cleansing gel feels very light on the skin, and is just to clear your face from makeup etc, but it isn't one of those harsh drugstore washes that strip the skin of all moisture. If you have dry skin, I would recommend these.

Last but not least, are some full size masks and cleanser which was a lovely addition to the package. How beautiful is this logo? I love the bright red, it definitely leaves an impression when you first see it. They all smell very similar, with a light and fresh scent, its a welcome improvement from the chemicaly scent many face washes have.

These are all based on anti-aging which can work for any skin type, but particularly sensitive and dry skin which is more prone to signs of ageing. Let me know if you try this out!


Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette

I've been trying out a lot of surprising products lately, and they all come from Kylie Cosmetics. Let me start off with I love watching KUWTK to fuel my reality tv love, but I did not think I would be buying into Kylie's makeup. I initially thought her lip kit was a fantastic business strategy and lucrative for those who idolise her.

But after reviewing that product, and actually enjoying it, I thought as a beauty blogger it was my duty to try out the latest product. Read on for my first thoughts:

The packaging is fabulous, and exactly what you'd expect when looking at her instagram page. Its simple but glamorous at the same time and for $42 you may as well be getting 24 carat gold with your blimming palette!

These are the 9 shades you get inside, and although there isn't a mirror, the shadows are huge and I think they would last a while. These are not shades you can simply apply liberally,  at least I had to carefully blend them.

They are very warm and vibrant, as she has brown eyes I believe this is the kind of look she would wear on a daily basis. But I do think these shades can work as subtle liner or lower lash line shadows and suit pale skin, or green eyes etc.

Here are all the swatches, the highlight shade is the lightest and most faint but worked for me as a brow bone colour. The rest are quite pigmented and on a makeup brush they blend out very nicely. I had minimal fallout, so as far as consistency goes I think she did a good job with this one.

As for 'copying' other brands ingredients, if you want to pay for good quality, you will subsequently also pay for the brand name. So I think Too Faced, ABH etc are equally good if not better but the price points are all the same.

Let me know if you've ever tried this out, and if you're interested in picking it up