Zaful Autumn Wishlist

Cut Out Chunky Choker Sweater - Light Purple

I love this lilac shade, I don't have any other jumpers in this colour and this could definitely be universally flattering. The zipper details add something extra to an otherwise plain jumper, but this would definitely look chic with skinny jeans or over a leather skirt.

Belted Bowknot Button Up Trench Coat - Light Khaki

Trenches are a classic wardrobe staple, especially as workwear. Throwing this over any outfit adds sophistication and an easy statement piece. I love the classic beige shade but I also know Burberry do a wide range of designs, which are becoming more popular on the high street.

Mesh Panel Floral Mini Knitted Dress - Brown

I of course love the floral appliqué and sheer sleeves, they add a sexy vibe to an otherwise understated jumper dress. I don't own any of these so this shade and design would be a perfect addition for autumn.

Floral Print Zip Up Bomber Jacket - Floral

Floral, again, adds a statement piece to any look and the vintage style design is so pretty. I love the contrast between the white and green, and a touch of pink. This is a great transition from summer to autumn, and can easily be layered.

What do you guys think?


Boddy's Pharmacy | Antioxidant Face Mask

I have a slight obsession with pampering products, proven further by the fact that I'm sitting next to a bag full of Lush products... Face masks are no exception as I recently picked up a new one on my trip to Costa del Sol. This is by a brand I wasn't familiar with but it must be a European company - Boddy's Pharmacy. 

This retails for just £9 and has a gel-like texture so I was intrigued to see how it would work.

It has a very delicate scent, and I think the texture and ingredients would suit any skin type, mine is mostly acne-prone/combination. I used just the one as I don't like multi-masking in case it flairs up my skin! This has a slightly fruity scent but mostly smells of gel cream and the typical face mask scent.

It applies very easily, and thankfully isn't watery so it sets into the skin well. I used a small handful for the whole face (about a spoonful) and rubbed it in with circular motions. It left a sightly red shade to my skin, but I didn't get any strange reactions, tingling etc. Overall, I think this would just be good as a 'pick me up' treat when you want to calm your skin.

I quite like this brand, as it reminds me of Keihl's but I haven't seen it anywhere else in the UK nor have I read any reviews so I can't be sure if it'll become a holy grail for me yet!


Get Rid of Dark Circles | Lacura Vitacell Eye Cream

As a student, I was always a fan on Aldi's cheaper food for my weekly shopping and recently my mum told me about raving reviews of their 'Lacura' skincare range.

Normally I would hesitate to try supermarket brands, but with all the hype, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. The one item that really stood out (and wasn't just for ageing skin) was this eye cream. It retails for just £5 and has been compared heavily to La Prairie, a much higher end brand.

The packaging as you can see, is very luxurious and could pass for a luxury skincare brand, part of the appeal for me. It claims to have anti-ageing ingredients as well as reduce dark circles which is my main concern. I have been using it for nearly two weeks, and I have to say I am really impressed.

Eye creams rarely provide visible results, especially such inexpensive ones, but I notice the difference as my under eye area is much brighter thanks to the cream and my eyes are less purple toned. So I can now use less makeup, and hopefully the results are permanent!

I will be featuring this in the future in favourites surely, so keep an eye out for updates!


A Day in Mijas: High Street Pieces

I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Fuengirola, located in Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. This is a region I haven't visited in years, and it felt comforting to return to a country Ive visited quite a few times in my life. One of my favourite places was Mijas Pueblo, a mountainside village which reminds me very much of the classic, traditional picturesque towns across Europe.

This was an 'all white' designed location, the perfect backdrop for OOTD shots. So below are four from one of the days of the trip, my favourite high street collection with a little high end thrown in for good measure.

 Zara Patterned High Waisted Skirt and Celine Tote

 H&M Tank Top 

 Steve Madden Sandals and ASOS Sunglasses

Primark Necklace 


Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

I picked this up yesterday, and I thought that I had to an initial review because it's such a gorgeous palette. This is the Cat Eyes eyeshadow palette from Too Faced, and I managed to find it at TK Maxx. This was on sale for more than 50% off at just 12.99!

I love these smaller, compact palettes from the brand as they're easy to carry around and bulky palettes are a bit inconvenient but these have the perfect selection of shades.

You can see above and below, this has quite a sultry selection of darker, shimmery shades. I normally love bright nudes but these would be ideal for a pop of colour or adding smokiness to a neutral look. The first three shades are good base colours, and the rest would look amazing on the lids and lash line.

Below are my favourites; Jungle Love, Pussy Cat and Purr. They are of course shimmery tones, and I can't wait to play around with different combinations. Not to mention, I love the eccentric and girly packaging which adds to the fun of trying out new looks!

This is originally £25, but for me Too Faced is a tried and true brand which is always being reviewed and raved about so I would definitely have paid full price. Try heading over to TK Maxx to see if they also stock this brand.