Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

I picked this up yesterday, and I thought that I had to an initial review because it's such a gorgeous palette. This is the Cat Eyes eyeshadow palette from Too Faced, and I managed to find it at TK Maxx. This was on sale for more than 50% off at just 12.99!

I love these smaller, compact palettes from the brand as they're easy to carry around and bulky palettes are a bit inconvenient but these have the perfect selection of shades.

You can see above and below, this has quite a sultry selection of darker, shimmery shades. I normally love bright nudes but these would be ideal for a pop of colour or adding smokiness to a neutral look. The first three shades are good base colours, and the rest would look amazing on the lids and lash line.

Below are my favourites; Jungle Love, Pussy Cat and Purr. They are of course shimmery tones, and I can't wait to play around with different combinations. Not to mention, I love the eccentric and girly packaging which adds to the fun of trying out new looks!

This is originally £25, but for me Too Faced is a tried and true brand which is always being reviewed and raved about so I would definitely have paid full price. Try heading over to TK Maxx to see if they also stock this brand.


Clairol Dark Blonde Hair Dye Review

I recently went through a total Gemini phase, and wanted to make a drastic change to my appearance. Something that was on my mind for a while had been a new hair colour! I didn't want to do one of those crazy instagram shades but something noticeable and closer to my natural hair colour. 

After some deliberation and review reading I stumbled upon Clairol's range at Boots and found something that would most probably not screw my hair up...The Nice'n Easy 8A Natural Medium Ash Blonde. The colour will obviously alter depending on your current shade, so mine came out a darker warm tone as I started with light blonde hair.

This retailed for just £5.99 but I knew from reviews that this is reliable and didn't contain bleach so my hair wouldn't be ruined. I did read the steps three times over, making sure that I didn't screw it up from the last time I dyed my hair 5 years ago.

These are the three staple products you get; the formula with a light tint, the colour itself and a conditioner to use on the lengths after. You shake the two together and apply with gloves - all very simple taking only 5 minutes.

Then the conditioner should be applied for about 5 minutes, this smells really nice and is pleasant to use so no complaints as to the strand ends! My hair felt surprisingly soft afterwards and had a glow to it that ironically, it didn't have before the dye.

Here is a before shot - light bleached strawberry blonde which had red undertones in the sunlight. You can see the transition on my instagram too, a lot of my newer selfies are with the new colour.

Here is the after, a noticeable difference as this has dark brown undertones and a more natural shade overall. My roots no longer show through visibly and they blend in seamlessly with the lighter ash blonde tones on the lengths. I would recommend this if you want to go darker and have similar hair to mine!

Have you guys tried this brand?


Rose Gold Moods

I find that perfumes don't need a transition from season to season, although the base notes like floral are obviously more summery, scents are such a personal choice. The Miss Dior Cherie is point in case - it is mostly floral notes but being Dior, it has an inimitable luxury to it that is perfect for evenings.

I received this for my birthday years ago, and I use it very sparingly (which is why I'm not sick of it yet!) This is also the L'eau version so it's not too overpowering. I would go for 30ml unless you know you love a scent, as otherwise it'll sit on your shelf gathering dust...if you collect perfumes like a hoarder...ahem.

Once the scent begins to fade, it has a slightly deeper patchouli base note which makes it more mature and sophisticated. I would recommend waiting for sales, so you can pick up a gift set for yourself or to treat someone.

The additions are a River Island bracelet, perfect for holidays as it really accentuates darker skin tones! They always have cute trinkets and small accessories. The bracelet I'm not sure where I bought this, it was definitely on the high street so I'm sure they have similar pieces anywhere.

The two makeup items again are perfect for this season, but can be multi-use as well. The L'oreal Lumi Magique is not something I'll repurchase but I do admittedly love it. This is kind of a YSL dupe and really does highlight the under-eye well without major creasing. The highlight is by Benefit - the Cha Cha Tint. This is a deep rose shade, which also really illuminates your skin and gives you a glow.

I use this very sparingly as I'm so pale, but on the lids or lips it could be gorgeous. Have you tried any of these?


Tarte Clay Play Palette Review & Swatches

I've had my eye on Tarte for a long time, but I could never justify spending so much on a palette! The packaging is admittedly beautiful, and the shades always look so pigmented so I had to make the splurge. This was only recently released, but the online price is about £50. 

If you're lucky enough to live in the US, it's obviously a little cheaper but Amazon usually stock US brands. I ordered mine online and it took a little under two weeks to arrive, not bad!

What I love about this palette, apart from the gorgeous print, is the array of neutral tones which can be used anywhere on the face. I can already see a few contour shades! 

My favourite shades as of now are timber and instinct. These are perfect for a smokey eye, and I think if you have darker skin and brown eyes these shades would compliment them beautifully.

Below are swatches of solstice, sand and instinct. These are the most neutral from the palette, quite pigmented with just one small swatch. Keep in mind I have very pale skin, but these are all warm toned with very peachy undertones.

Have you tried this palette?


DressLily Wish List

Today I have a wishlist post, which I haven't done in a while but I love being able to shop without actually having to spend any money! That being said, I'll probably keep these items in my favourites tab until I do a summer wardrobe clear-out!

DressLily have the prettiest selection of dresses, and the best tea length dresses for sale 
Below are my four favourite pieces from their site, and if you take a look let me know if you can narrow it down to just a few!

Tea Length Halter Neck Lemon Print Vintage Dress

This dress gives me D&G vibes, as fruit and floral prints as always have been a huge trend this season. Paired with pointed toe flats or wedge sandals this would make for the perfect instagram #ootd!

Flower Embroidered Cold Shoulder Halter T-Shirt

I'm a sucker for embroidery, and especially rose detailing. The cut outs on the shoulder make this perfect for summer, and add a little something extra to an otherwise plain top. I think this would look amazing with palazzo pants or a pleated skirt.

Embroidey High Heel Sandals

These heels are gorgeous - again this has intricate floral detailing and would look amazing with any dress, whether print or plain. The block heel also makes them easier to walk in so you can avoid any night out mishaps!

Paisley Print High Slit Maxi Beach Wrap Dress

The final item I have on my wishlist, is this wrap dress in a navy and white paisley print. This is described as a beach dress but I would wear this anywhere. The slit makes it a little sexier, so its great for date night or just hanging out with friends during the day, paired with sandals and a tote bag. 

Which item is your favourite?