Italian Dinners & Sequins

 These were taken on our last official dinner in Mlini, Dubrovnik. To encapsulate a fantastic holiday, we enjoyed a sunset at a local restaurant and I ate delicious truffle linguine and drank wine (duh). I really love the top I picked for the occasion, and I honestly don't own anything else like it!

Read on for the full outfit:

We had an almost oceanside view, and the sunset was glorious although it gave a gross orange tinge to my photos so I can't really instagram them! This top is from ASOS and is hand stitched so it really look very detailed up close. It's multi-coloured sequins in tank top form, its perfect for holidays or special daytime occasions.

The shorts are again the only simple pair I brought with me - from Missguided. I didnt tuck the top in, but it works as the shorts are partially covered by the top. I stuck to a simple monochrome palette with some red thrown in because who wears colour in the UK?

The shoes were by New Look - a pair of cork and straw wedges which are navy but can go with anything as they're basically sandals. Here is a close up of my makeup,  this is how I did it nearly every night.

Minimal colour with lots of bronze and bright lipsticks. I can never be bothered with heavy looks abroad but I wanted to try something beachy.

What do you guys think?


ASOS & Playsuits

I have always been a big fan of playsuits, rompers, jumpsuits whatever you want to call them! I love the simplicity of the look (not the difficulty of getting them on/off!). This one is particularly special as it has sequins across the entire romper and I don't normally like white outfits but this one feels very sturdy (read: no VPL).

I love the back of this romper, the whole look is just so intricate and detailed. The 'cape' draping adds a bit of elegance and would be flattering for pear shape figures as it really accentuates your waist. I wore this to dinner near our hotel, and paired it with diamante sandals from New Look (featured in previous posts).

The bag is the same as I had on the other nights, from Salvatore Ferragamo. I tried to stick to a colour scheme, but of course I added bright shades during my holiday! This is also high necked, which I think would make it work for all figures and styles as it can be dressed up as a more conservative look.

The bangle, not detailed clearly here, is from River Island but was a sale item a while back. It has a gorgeous material tribal print and some studding on it and is the perfect accessory for dresses or pastel rompers.

I loved my hair on holiday, there was much less frizz as the weather was tolerable but I still used protecting sprays and minimal brushing to ensure it was manageable. I also love that it's grown out the way I wanted, how often do our hairstyles cooperate?!

We finished the night with a complimentary cocktail in the lobby, a delicious champagne mojito concoction. I honestly think dressing up during trips makes them more memorable and fun, as day to day we don't get that chance (except for fashion week).

What do you guys think?


Sailor Stripes & Sunsets

I was so lucky to experience a new, and beautiful sunset everyday in Croatia. I documented pretty much all of it, looking like a paparazzo for the sun! I could never get bored of looking at the sky, and something about holidays just makes it so much more special. 

This was an evening outfit that I chose for dinner, and kind of a I need to finish up all my options before going home kind of look. Nonetheless, I think the top was so cute and I managed to add colour without looking like a child, so hoorah!

This top is from Primark, and a fab find over the summer I might add. I love the stripes and subtle orange tones, and the fact that it's a bardot style.

The shorts (which were so flattering!) are by Missguided and have already been featured by them on their site. They are loose but not baggy, and yes there is a difference. They hug your waist but flare out so no need to feel self conscious of your bum or hips.

This was taken in Mlini, the area we stayed in. The water was so calm, and really pleasant to listen to during meals and the waves were so tiny, it was just a really relaxing atmosphere. I also had a bit of a tan so I didn't blend into the sky...

I added this vintage gold necklace that I borrowed  from my mum, and it went perfectly as bardot style tops can make an outfit look quite plain with no jewellery.

The sandals are by Primark. My mum even commented that they look expensive, even though they were a 2013 £8 purchase! I love the suede material and the gold bar and bow tie, anything excessive is basically my footwear of choice!


My Bikini Collection

I thought this post would be quite appropriate considering Ive just had my last warm vacation for some time, and what better way to welcome the colder months than to mourn the summer body that was?...

Here is the swimwear I brought with me for six days of sunbathing, I mixed and matched quite a bit!

This was my favourite combination, although I brought matching bottoms to this bikini top, I love the crazy print and bright blue tones mixed with a simple bottom. I wore this at least on two days! These are from sixty 8ight (a brand sold in Asia).

I felt kind of cool, but also kind of nonchalant like yeah I'm just trying to shade my face, and what wearing this baseball cap. I just ordered it on a whim from amazon so thats absolutely a good place to find a cheap accessory, otherwise I've found you'll just be paying for the brand name.

I paired this again with simple Primark bottoms, a light grey as the matching top didn't fit well and just wasn't that cute. This is also a great pick for the larger ladies who want more support, as the frills hide your midriff a bit, and the ties are all adjustable.

This is a simple Adidas piece, pictured in many instagram shots, which I loved as it was obviously comfortable for water activities but cut out and tight enough to slim your body and create the best tan lines.

This is again a Primark top, a tie-dyed effect which I love, although a bit on the skimpy side. I loved adding a body chain for a bit of style and to jazz up any bikini set.

Yes, I matched floral with tie-dye but on the beach - anything goes. I think they worked quite well as the bright shades balanced the other out and as they're adjustable it is most comfortable and suitable for any size.

This is my all time favourite suit - from 6ixty8ight  - it looks like a bikini or even tankini - but its just a one piece. I bought it for Bali last year and it's been with me ever since for each holiday. I love the bright cobalt blue and almost 50's style of it. Its somewhat conservative but also quite sexy with all the cutouts.


Game of Thrones Inspired OOTD

If you guys didn't know where GOT is mostly filmed, although you should, the birthplace of pretty much all of King's Landing is Dubrovnik. This is where I spent the last glorious week of my life, exploring, instagramming and eating so much I had to wear dresses like this one.

I suppose this one was subconsciously inspired by Shae (why not Daenerys?!) as it has that Ancient Style design and print. It was almost unbearably hot during the September visits so this was perfect as it was flowy and a light material, with nothing covering my legs and arms. Plus it's "silk".

Here is a little closeup of all my outfit, which was minimally coloured but quite understated. I'm not one for actually wearing prints, but when in Rome...
The little blue bag added a much needed colour breakup and was quite delicate so goes with anything. I featured this also in my last post, so read over there if you'd like to see more!

This was taken on the Stradum which is a beautiful street, not dissimilar to St Mark's Square in Venice. I love the sophistication and pristine look of this, I mean who doesn't want to walk on shiny marble?!

My dress was purchased at a Beijing market so I assume it is unbranded. I love that it is 'one of a kind' and handmade, it makes it all that more special and memorable to me. It has a pink floral print and lots of ruched detailing which makes it very forgiving yet trendy at the same time. They had tons of prints, but this one spoke to me the most. I just added one more ring from Primark for a little extra evening sparkle.

This was during the only sunset we caught in Dubrovnik, and it was stunning! It just went perfectly with my outfit, so thanks sun! I also love the little bow tie at the shoulder, it's a little bit sexy but also very Blair Waldorf (my style icon). It comes with a matching belt, but thank god I didn't use it in this wind...

Here I am on the city walls, which is very reminiscent of GOT and having a bit of a Marilyn moment.  My sandals from New Look were a must for heavy walking days and the pink rhinestones added a bit of glam to the typical tourist outfit.