Hourglass Ambient Lighting | Dim Infusion Review

I picked this little beauty up a while ago (if you want sneak peaks follow me on instagram!) but only tried it out recently. Normally I reserve these for youtube as first impression videos but this was pretty much the 'highlight' of my makeup so it deserves it's own post.

In the UK you can pick this up for £32 from Space NK if that's convenient for you. I got a cheeky little discount online so keep your eyes peeled (ew, I hate that phrase) for offers. Hourglass has fast become a cult favourite and now I can see why...

The packaging is simple and elegant. I love the rose gold shades and shiny textures - as far as judging a product by it's cover goes, this one gets full marks. It is very compact and easy to use. The blush itself isn't flat so you'll hit pan after a long time.

I use this new 'paintbrush for your face' to apply it. This is a medium size and perfect for swiping onto the cheekbones. It definitely packs a punch, so lightly tap or you'll end up with a clown face like I did my first time...

This is so pretty isn't it? The duo mixes perfectly for a subtle glow and dash of colour on the cheeks. You can use it as a highlight too or as eyeshadow. It suits a lot of skin tones and can be quite subtle, so don't be afraid of the pinkness of it!

These are photos of the application. It complemented my warm toned eyes and dewy skin. If you're pale like me, a little goes a long way.

What do you guys think?


5 Things I Learnt From My Final Year at University

I recently graduated from university, and having heard about A-level results being released, I figured this was a good time to write this post. I wanted to write some kind of overview about my final year, as it was the most crucial (but not the best!) year.
I hope this inspires and informs anyone attending university, so let's get started with my top 5 lessons:

1. It's not what you know, it's who you know

Let me explain, you obviously need knowledge of your subject and modules. But, it's not enough to excel at your degree if you only study the material. You need to speak to others on your course if you have a problem - for example a tutor or a classmate. You wouldn't believe how relieving it is to find out others have no clue what's going on, or how many points you missed out on your practice essay until you ask your tutor! Don't be afraid to ask questions and speak with new people.

2. Ask, Ask, Ask.

Leading on from my last point, always ask. Set yourself a goal of asking a new question everyday you attend lectures or are on campus. Whether it's just a friend who's writing her dissertation or the head of your course about employment opportunities. If you don't ask, your query will never be resolved. It's really that simple. The worst that could happen is they could snap at you "you should know that." But realistically, you should be proud that you made the effort. In class this can be useful too, if you don't understand a topic just raise your arm and ask a specific question!

3. Study Abroad

I took this opportunity twice. I went to Florida for a semester abroad in my second year, and as part of my Chinese degree I studied in Beijing for a year. These were arguably the best years of my entire degree. I met so many amazing people, tried new food, traditions...and alcohol. The year abroad won't even count to your marks so why not? I nearly/kind of/not really perfected my Chinese during the year and it's a travel experience I'll never forget. Plus, my best mark for a term came from my study in Florida.

4. A friend in need is a friend indeed

Whether you are a fresher or a fourth year, make the effort to speak to others. If someone near you is struggling with a task or looks lost, go up and ask them if they need help. Better yet, follow your instinct and maybe ask if they are looking for 'room x' or 'the x meeting'. I've made a lot of friends through this method  - seeing them another time will be much friendlier as you met previously under awkward circumstances!

5. Play hard, work harder

Go out on the weekends you don't have to complete something for a deadline. Go for a drink at that fun student bar or for dinner with a friend visiting from home. I regret a little bit not going out much. It's your final year before "real life" hits, and you have to take up more responsibility. I went out twice  (lunch doesn't count) but organise a plan in advance so people have no excuse to bail. You'll be surprised what a good night out can do for stress levels. Plan out your work load so you don't wake up the next day with a bird's nest for hair and no memory of the night before except for the two papers you didn't write. 

Those are my best lessons, and I hope they can become yours too!


Mean Girls References & Colour Blocking

I tried out a little more laid-back and summery style the other day, and documented it for you guys, as lets be honest - this is a rare occasion! I head out for New York next week so definitely then I will be wearing lighter, airy fairy type clothing to mark the end of summer.

These sunglasses are featured in my newest haul as well, and I love the cat eye style even all these years after the trend started. As for the colour blocking, grey was all I could muster that day without looking like I was going to some weirdly themed festival or barbecue.

The casual hair flip has probably become my signature move, and that day was no exception. This skirt is very flattering as it smooths over lumps but hugs your bum like no other! This is from Dorothy Perkins I believe, and it's rather simple but oh so gorgeous.

I paired simple grey (albeit sparkly) Converse with this look for a casual, daytime look.  A light t-shirt tucked in works great with high waisted clothes, as would a flowy crop top. This one is from H&M and I bought it on sale in Beijing last year. It says 'you can sit with us' which I love...mostly because it's a reference to the best throwback chick flick.

Do you guys like matching in summer or going all out?


Asian Mushroom & Noodle Soup Recipe

I have a much needed update to my recipe list today, a healthy and hearty soup recipe. You can cool this down and it eat cold as well, I don't want to subject you guys to that during this summer heat!

The ingredients are rather simple, as some recipes call for the first hair of your newborn baby...or something like that...which are so tough to find at your local supermarket. These can all be found in Tesco or a 'health shop'. 

First off, you need to sauté red onion and garlic if you want that extra flavour. I always use olive oil or toasted sesame oil when frying as it smells amazing. Once they start to brown add a vegetable stock cube with boiling water (about a cup) into the mix.

Next I add the shiitake mushrooms, which taste amazing and much lighter and nuttier than regular mushrooms. These are pricier, but really, it's cheaper than ordering this at a restaurant so for your family it makes a nice treat. Then I add in chopped celery, as it was part of a recipe and also once it's boiled it becomes softer and blends with the other vegetables.

This is a pretty simple mix so far, just requiring a lot of chopping and whisking around the pan.

The fun part is at the end - adding the rice noodles, lemongrass for flavour (taken out before serving) and three tablespoons of coconut milk.

You can then season to your liking, adding coriander, herbs etc. I left it at that as the flavour was rich and I wanted a lighter, less spicy serving. It takes about 20 minutes altogether and is so worth it!


Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit Review

I ordered this lip kit on a whim, but after a lot of deliberation (bear with me). I've seen these everywhere, as any social media beauty fanatic has, and they do genuinely look like great liquid lipsticks. I love the sleek packaging, I'm impressed if Kylie designed these herself!

I chose candy K as this is the most natural whilst still providing some colour. Below are all the pictures of my initial thoughts on the product. I did have a tinted lip balm on underneath so perhaps they aren't true to colour, but I wanted moisturised lips.

This retails for approximately £20, depending on where you buy it. The shipping can be a real biotech if you order with her company, but eBay etc all have good offers and I do think most of them are real.   This set comes with a lip liner and lipstick if you didn't know, so you get both in one package and thats approximately £10 each.

Again, it's all very sleek, so you're paying partly for the name let's be honest. I did bite the bullet but that was what made me initially hesitant. After watching both I was really excited to try them out!

The liner is more soft and creamy, so it blends like a dream, and can be worn just on its own for a no-makeup kind of day. The lipgloss/lipstick is more intense and a lot comes out of the tube, so be warned as it is also hard to scrub off your hand...

Here is a before, of just the balm on my lips.

And after, i did layer it up as the lines were a bit uneven but overall I did a decent job, and it still manages to look glossy with the balm underneath! It does dry matte, but it doesn't feel drying, just like a layer of product over the lips.

Is it worth the price? That depends on the individual, boring I know, but everyone reacts differently and I have no complaints so if you're willing to shell out the cash, you'll really enjoy this one.