Top 3 High End Blushes

I haven't done a roundup post in a while, and since I am somewhat of a blush maniac (read: addict) I thought this would be a useful post for you girls. I don't stock up on luxury makeup often, but when I do it's something that I know will be a holy grail product.

Today I have blushes by Nars, Hourglass and Topshop. Topshop isn't high end per say, but it's not drugstore either and it's a gorgeous colour so I wanted to include it. 

Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion, Topshop Good Girl Blush and Nars Luster Blush.

Here are some close ups of the shades, quite different but you can tell I love my bright pinks and peaches! These are most complementary for my skin tone and I imagine they would suit almost anyone. The shade of course would look different but it definitely brightens up the face. The finishes are all quite different too, and they feature very diffused sparkles.

Left to right: Good Girl, Luster, Dim Infusion

Topshop is the cheapest, at just £7. This is the most compact and the girliest pink shade. The sparkles are visible but not in a garish way, they just make your cheeks look more glowing. The most pigmented has to be Nars which is a holy grail brand! This is a deeper warm peach which would work as a bronzer or contouring if you have a tan. They all feature mirrors, so they are good on the go or when travelling and you need to top up. Lastly, Hourglass is a brand I'm only just venturing into but so far so good.
This shade is a pink tone with champagne highlights mixed in, so you get a beautiful glowing pink. This builds up to a brighter shade but can be very subtle just on the apples of your cheeks.

Have you tried any?


Pop Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Review

I finally took the plunge and decided to test out a Pop Smile kit. This is quite similar to other kits on the market which thanks to instagram have become very popular this year!

All the items in the kit are pictured below, so you can see step by step what products I use. I will also be doing a video tutorial using these if you guys are interested. It is actually surprisingly easy to use, even though doing this treatment at home seems intimidating.

I rarely do DIY treatments, but if I can master this so can you!

I use the pre-treatment swabs first across my teeth which like each step, is very gentle.
Then I apply the gel to the trays pictured above, and place it in my mouth kind of like a mouthguard. You basically sit like that for ten minutes with the LED light over your teeth which is the whitening process. 
After you rinse your mouth to remove excess product and that's it! The kit also includes a pen for touch ups which is perfect to bring with you on the go if you're travelling etc.

This is after one application, day 1.

It is a very subtle and gentle process so day 2, above, won't be a crazy difference but I'm starting to see that my teeth look brighter.

Will you guys be trying one out?


Makeup Removing Towels | Do They Work?

I recently received the Nova Makeup Remover Towels, and today I have a review for you all about my first impression and whether I would recommend them.

These retail for £10 and can be found on the link above, in the package you receive two towels which I believe are the same size. These are honestly so soft and not like the typical face towel which feels rough on the skin.

My skin wasn't at all agitated or reddened as it usually might be with scrubbing my makeup off. These feel a bit like blankets for your face, and I used only one side to remove my entire face. (of makeup that is!)

I wet the towel under warm water for about 10 seconds then just used it as a normal makeup wipe across my face and I was so shocked to see how much it took off at once! In about three full swipes my entire face except for mascara had come off! With mascara I had to spend a little more time but other than that this would be a great way to quickly remove your makeup at night.

I would probably recommend these, as I haven't had any issues and apart from having to rinse and wash the towel after each use, it is a very quick and easy way to clean your skin without needing 5 million different products.

Will you be trying it out?


Colorsport DIY Lash & Brow Dye Kits

 I discovered DIY beauty kits at the end of last year, and now I'm obsessed! Today I have a quick review and overview of two kits I recently received from Colorsport and the results after just one use.

They arrived so beautifully packaged, so of course I had to document it for this post. I have the 30 Day Brow Tint and the 30 Day Mascara Kit. The shades may sound intimidating, but dark brown and black come out very naturally and depend on your hair type, lash length etc.

These only take maximum of 5 minutes to complete, so even if you're strapped for time this is a quick process. The main issue to remember is getting dye on your skin which you should wipe off straight away, but I haven't experienced any issues using these.

I will say that I prefer the brow tint as it's easier to just apply almost like a brow pencil, then wipe off after two minutes. The lash tint requires more focus as we all know how annoying applying mascara can be..

These are the products included in the kits, each comes with a comb application which you can use to mix the solutions. There is honestly so much product in each tube that this will last for at least 3 months of regular use (e.g weekly).

Here is the effect after one use (no makeup) on my brows. They look very natural but slightly fuller so I may test this out again at the end of the week. As for staying power, I haven't noticed any smudging or fallout in any way so this is pretty much permanent until it completely fades!

Here is the effect a day later, on my lashes which have a fuller appearance, almost as if I've applied liner to them. I love how natural it is, as you can build it up without the worry of looking like a raccoon.

Have you guys tried these?


Nails of the Day: Nude & Glitter

I've been quite boring with my nails lately, so I wanted to change things up a bit with some glitter (of course!)
I love nude, pink nails so I used this gorgeous Lottie shade in Blogger Babe as my base and topped it off with gold glitter particles.

I used the Nailed by Rosie Fortescue base coat which I love, the brush is quite thick and covers the whole nail so it's very easy to use. This dries quite quickly, so I use the base coat almost straight away. This polish needs to built up unless you want a very sheer cover. It becomes a darker mauve true to colour but keep in mind it will need a few layers!

The gold is a perfect accent shade which I use on my ring finger without going overboard. I am partial to some glitter and sparkles but for day to day I prefer subtlety.

I topped it off with this Leighton Denny Crystal Top Coat which works very well too. I had chipping about three days later but nothing drastic, and the top coat didn't create any bubbles which is perfect as when this happens I am honestly tempted to remove my entire manicure...

What are you favourite shades?