BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette Review

This palette originally retails for $20 but is on offer currently for $14. I ordered this early this year but have only just gotten around to testing out the shades. The colours are so gorgeous, my favourite kind of neutral, earthy tones. They really suit Carli in particular, if you watch her tutorial then you know what I'm talking about.

I love versatile palettes like this, where you can mix and match the shades and use for the whole face - bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow...

Even if you're not a huge fan, this palette individually is so worth the money. Not to mention, it's actually very inexpensive but is of higher quality than the generic drugstore palettes in my opinion. The swatches speak for themselves! I also think they smell really nice, they have a powdery scent to them, which is a little added bonus.

The staying power is relatively long, but of course they won't be super thick in texture the way Kat Von D would be. I still do love it, and is a great substitute for shelling out hundreds on Kylie Cosmetics.

Here are the swatches of the highlighter shades, my favourites! They are very warm toned, and would look amazing on darker skin tones and olive tones. The highlighter is actually great for pale skin, so it won't have that awful dark pink or orange undertones that so many have over light foundations.

I also think the fourth shade would look great during the summer as a bronzer, and lid colour.

Have you tried this one yet?


Favourite Drugstore Skincare

I picked up these goodies a while ago, but it took me a few weeks of using them to see if they really work. Soap and Glory always have big claims with their products, and very snazzy packaging. Do you guys think they work as well as they say?

No7 has very sleek packaging which is part of the appeal for me. These are quite different from each other as one is for day and the other is a richer, night cream. They both retail for under £15 and are sold at Boots which I classify as drugstore.

First up is Soap and Glory Speed Plump moisturiser. This has a light consistency, and almost feels like a CC cream. It's supposed to act as a blurring effect over your skin, and give you a radiant glow. I have oily skin so I use this sparingly, but I haven't found it to be greasy. This costs £13 and a small pea sized amount is enough for your face, so this will go a long way.

I think it would suit sensitive skin as well, I haven't found its aggravated my skin nor has it broken me out.

Next up is a cream I use mostly at nighttime - No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream. This is aimed at oilier skin types and has a much thicker consistency but isn't oily! I want to emphasise that, I have oily skin but it dries almost matte over the skin. Some days I will use this during the morning and my skin is very matte and smooth, it really depends on what foundation you're using over the top.

This is also £13 but I used a voucher from Boots for £5 off. These products are often made specifically for sensitive skin, and it feels very gentle on the skin without clogging my pores. I have been breaking out lately but it's been manageable and most probably hormonal.

Overall I've enjoyed both of these, and found they sit well on my skin. Often times I get dry patches, but these feel like they soothe my skin and balance it out - neither oily nor dried out.

Have you tried these?


High Street & High End Body Favourites

Perhaps it's the winter cold, or simply my sugar cravings, but I've been obsessed with sweet scents lately. These three products below have been my go-to for the last ten days and I'm kind of obsessed!

They do range in price, but I would say they are all worth it, from body oil to body sprays. First up is the Boots Extracts Vanilla Body Butter. This honestly smells like vanilla flavoured yogurt, and I can't stop smelling my arms!? This retails for £6 but is often on offer, so keep an eye out. This is also a very natural product, not chock full of chemicals and who knows what like many others. 

Next up is The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Oil. This retails for £11 in the UK, so a little pricier, but for an oil this is quite inexpensive. It has the texture of a dry oil, it's not at all sticky, so a few drops go a long way. Sometimes after a pedicure I like to use a few drops on the soles of my feet or back of my hands for some extra moisture. This has a very delicate scent, but is still very rich. It's also lasted me four months already!

Last but not least, Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Mist. This retails for about £10, but I know the US has loads of deals on like 3 for $20 or something. If you want a lighter, day time scent without shelling out loads on a luxury perfume, this could be a good option. I like to pretend I'm an Angel when using these products, and it's one of those products that makes you feel a bit more girly.

This has fruity base notes with hints of floral, and would be perfect for spring. Three spritzes lasts me for the day, and the scent does linger although it's not very strong by the end of the day.

Have you tried any of these?


Tresemmé Oleo Radiance Review

I am one of those people who go into Boots for a toothbrush and come out with a new skincare routine, a hairbrush and the entire Sleek highlighter collection. I get sucked in by all the fabulous offers and decide that stocking up is the way to go.

I'm sure I'm not alone, but today I wanted to review one of those new purchases. This was on offer for £3.50 in the hair mask section, and since I've been wanting to try something new for my hair I decided to give it a go. This is the Oleo Radiance Moisturiser Mask by Tresemmé

This isn't a brand I always reach for, although I do love their heat defence sprays. For such a low price, I thought at the very least I can review it for you guys, and it has a very pleasant smell, kind of like a light perfume. The tub itself is very big and has at least 20 applications.

The consistency is very creamy and similar to a normal conditioner, despite containing lots of oils like almond oil to moisturise your lengths. I apply it as a normal conditioner to the ends and leave it for 3 minutes or so. This is more than enough time but you can always do an intensive treatment for a few hours, with a cap on.

After about four uses, I can safely say this is a very moisturising and softening treatment. It isn't as intense as others but for a product I use regularly, I am glad it doesn't weigh my hair down. For the price you can't go wrong, and if you have long, straight and dry hair like me, it could turn out to be a saviour!

Have you tried this?


Handbag Essentials For a Night Out

 Recently I've been drawn towards smaller, shoulder bags with chain straps or just something a little more special than my typical tote bag. This particular bag is from River Island and sadly is no longer available as I purchased it in the sales ages ago.

However, they are very much on trend again, and they are so easy to just grab and run out the door when in a rush as they're very light and will fit your must-haves. I love the pearl straps and how it has a very Chanel vibe, almost like one of their iconic jackets.

Aside from your necessities like keys and phone, which should always fit into the pocket or lengthways, these makeup items will get you through any evening and prevent embarrassing little mistakes! I always carry powder and lipgloss with me, as they always need topping up. These particular items are perfect because of their size and the fact they come with mirrors.

This palette is from Wibo, a Polish/ European brand. You can do your powder on the go as you have a contour shade, blush and a light powder. The mirror is quite big as well so you don't need to use the awful phone screen or a tiny pocket mirror. If you have a small retractable brush that would be ideal!

The perfume is a rollerball, and my favourite is one of Juicy Couture's selection. This one I believe is Peace, Love and Juicy but you can find any scent you love as these are light and discreet. I always find myself topping up on my wrists or offering it to friends because it just smells s
o good!

Last but not least, when your lipstick smudges or dries, this is a lifesaver. You can opt for lip balm if its a casual event, but I love this shade by CID Cosmetics. It comes with a mirror and a light so if you're out for the night and need to top up after having a few margaritas (or whatever takes your fancy) you don't even need to find a bathroom.

The colour itself is gorgeous and has a sheen to it so won't dry out your lips. I would recommend checking out their selection as I'm highly impressed with this shade. It is pink, but as it has a creamy formula you can dab a little on with your finger for a more sheer coating.

What other essentials do you guys have?